What should be the way to start a business without big investment to earn a lot?

Now a days it’s totally required that person or a student can start his own business on internet without doing big investments to earn a lot , now question is that how we can start our work what we should do to earn a lot ?

1. A person can do Forex trading
2. Do work on blogging
3. Work on Google Adsense

(1).Now 1st point of our topic is Forex trading , but right now question arise that what is forex trading?
Forex trading is a platform where people are inserting investment to select the exact value to earn more , as it is also platform of trading where people can trade all kind of activities such as people are doing exchange at the daily base  for all currencies  , so now a person can earn while doing doing few exchanges as you’re buying 1 BTC but in upcoming days BTC rate is increased so now you can trade it with all traders of Forex Trading.

(2).Now our 2nd point of this topic is Do work On blogging so what is blogging ???
Blogging it a platform that works online,  how it’s working online ??
It’s working online for the purpose of websites to share your amazing thoughts and skill with the world as it will be workable for all users it will be automatically converted in to earning method such you will get lots of advertisements banners to put their new banners of all advertisements on your website and in reward you will get the money in cash for all kind of positive Advertisements

(3).Now 3rd Point is work on google adsense !
First of all what is Google Adsense ??
Google adsense is a platform for all publishers and advertisers , such as we all are working on blogs of daily life so now we can apply on it for that purpose which should be publisher either advertiser as our blog will be too much famous than we can apply on it , it’s the worlds largest and highest pay network which gives to all his users in big beneficial way to get it in cash , but the way is must we should have a blog or website where all kind of unique resources are available to decide that a person have to apply for it after that you will put all it’s ads on your blog and wher users will come to your web than impressions will be selected from users that could be converted in dollars