What is Accounting?

In accounting there are few basics which is used for measurement , communication and financial management and process and it’s mostly used for those are working in business , there are more categories of business who are involved in accounting while doing any kind of business, such as there are businessman’s who have individual activity because they have different field such as traders , owners of companies and it’s used mostly by the employs of companies where a employee can notice the point that what’s happening in our company and how to deal, for what purpose employee should move forward , whenever a person is coming in the field of business that person should focus on every activity of business while doing work on accounting , mostly people can go on upper side and lower side just because of the sack of knowledge , here are few types of accounting.

1 Management accounting
2 Financial Accounting
3 accounting information systems

Now take a look on management accounting, it is used by the managers because when manager works on company it helps to tell their employs and also it helps to decide that what to do because how company should be suitable or for what purpose our company will get the profit or loss , these all activities’ are done in Management accounting.

Our second topic is Financial accounting so now we have to discuss about it, Financial accounting is where a person works on banks stockholders , shareholder or any kind of institutes ,
in all those formats a person or employ have to choose a best place to analyze and find out the result such a bank where we need to get our bank account statement so at that time we take out the result for our members because they all are parts of banks and they must have to take out the financial statements, now we should discuss about the institutes that how it’s workable in institutes, somehow here is same function to do same method because a teacher have to analyze about the results of students to find out who is the present or absent either who are position holders or who don’t deserve to study well so now teacher will find out the result which will be given to all students with the same method as we discuss in banking way.

Last topic is accounting information systems, basically it is used to give information at all time of it’s periods , such as we need any kind of information business methods it will be come out in the method of result which will give information about our company or institutes either which is currently doing on business field.