Top Countries Paying High Salary for Job

Here the list of top countries that pays a lot in jobs

1, Canada
2. United Kingdom
3. Germany
4. Australia
5. New Zeeland

These all are the top list of those countries that pays a lot in Jobs , Now i have to explain that how these countries pays a lot and for what purpose they are giving a lot to their employees

1. Canada! in Canada they are giving the best and amazing amount of money whether a person will be able to get as the income of day either the amount of full month,
one the best job where people are going to do which will pay amazing amount while doing a job there as if you will stay there and you’re finding a job than they will pay a huge amount to those are related to IT field , and if a person isn’t well educated than that person can join there to get a good job in petrol pumps as man will give petrol to all their customers !

Now how much they are giving to all IT related people?
they’re paying more than 250$ per hour ,who all are software engineers and they all should be well educated from best universities , because it’s a modern world where all people are doing everything on in it field somehow you need buy on thing you’re doing the best thing buy it online which is related to it field !

Now second question is that much they are paying to those people who are working at petrol pumps?

It’s more than 40$ which could be pay per hour so as they will do job for a whole day they will earn 960$ per day which is in estimated rate 960$ of the day of 24 hours !

2. United Kingdom

It’s a single point to note out , one of the interesting topic is to lay down on it,
In that country a person can earn more than 530 Euro per week , and it’s best country to get a single job there so doesn’t you’re the employee of shop either of the company but you will good enough money for your life

3. Germany

It’s best to do any job their , such as a teacher who is going to teach and that teacher is getting more than 300$ per hour and teacher Should be PHD holder as a person will get the degree of PHD than that person will able to earn more than300$ per hour

4. Autralia

Australia is paying 20$ per hour to those who all are employees of petrol pumps and that people are earning per hour more than 20$ and if a person want to a job At any shopping mall than earning is estimated more than 30$ per hour

5.New Zeland
It pays more than 15$ per hour