How to increase your business in smoothly but with big earning profit ?

Now a day’s people are working on their projects or companies but they can’t get profit as they wanted to get from their own companies either from business , why people can’t get big profit on it ?

Mostly there are big reasons to point it out but one of the important matter is that people don’t provide good products to customers as owners only want to earn but as people will start while serving in good products for customers that it will be converted in famous items of companies , at the starting point owner will have a little bit adversity but when your items will be shared as people will start knowing all about products than it can be too much famous , while having this same issue so now you can earn a small profit but while doing it continuously  it will be converted with long term to get much better profit than before but owner have to notice the matter at the starting point that you will have to provide good products that doesn’t matter that you’re getting lowest profit at the first stage , after 1st stage you will earn a lot than expected income , now we have to turn on those people who only wants to earn but they don’t want to provide good products ?

owner will share their fake products where totally bad things are added in their products it  will be good at the first stage but as people will try to know that there are too much side effects while using it but they are also having the good result while using that type of product but when they will be attacked by the way of side effects than people will start leaving this kind of fake products because people wants to get the genuine things for their life, Now at the 2nd stage of those who were providing fake product that they were earning a lot in 1st stage but at the 2nd stage they will get too much  loss at the 2nd stage , right now people can understand either owners can understand that which type of product should be sold out and how to serve for all people to earn a good profit in smoothly way , at the middle term you will see the good effort on all activities of good products , from providing fake projects there are lots problem which could be seen by owners but while providing good and real products than owner will earn a lot in smoothly but they will not see any kind of trouble either any adversity .