How to decide on a a career with the field of business

How we can understand about the way that where we have to go ? So here are few tips to understand all about your passionate work, so now we have to work at the daily base but we have to find out that where our passionate work is located and how we can go through that deal,

first of all we all people are different from each other somehow how people have are having different interest and some of us are having good skills but people are having sills on that some of us are communicated and some are technical expert either some people are best at their best while doing marketing ,

now our point is that how we can understand about our own passionate work , so first of all we have to try our skills and we should work on it , as we will keep doing and final stage will come that on which field i’m interested that where i can be happy while doing my work, as i i’m student of Computer science but here i love to do content writing and here it’s passion so i understand about my field that i’m article writer and my passion is content writer,

But the way as i’m doing my computer science so i thought that could be best for me too because there is my passion that i also love to work with coding while doing my work i’m doing my business where i’m capable to work and also passionate , now we can understand easier that where we have to go or for what purpose you can be passionate now this whole world it’s most important is to be a passionate worker because it’s required that you can do work in whole with true heart where you’ll never ever feel sad trouble and you will do it very comfortable and also you can be tricky person while doing any kind of work which mostly related to your field ,

 My interests were a lot but i wasn’t able to decide about my career that where i have to go or where i should stay but when i done all things in a year and finally i found my self that i’m capable for what i’m doing and where from happiness will come to me and i got way because i used to find my self that which kind of field is giving me happiness and at the last i found my self and today i’m content writer + software engineer and i’m doing it happily , where happiness comes to you and there is your passion so it means you can be passionate but it will be at that time when you try to find out your skill and passion that for what purpose you’re made up of ..