Business with bitcoin ?

First of all we all have to note out that what is bitcoin ?
bitcoin is exchanges only company which allows to do exchanging  in world while at online resources , there in whole internet field there are more exchanging companies but one of the best and now a days highest currency of the whole world is bitcoin , 1 BTC is = 10k$ at daily base.

The exchange of btc is higher than all currencies perhaps it’s called Japaneses company where the all trading system is going on which could be held down in the whole world with the help of all customers who have btc and when people are going to buy btc then people are going to add their amount in his/her company  of btc it means it is same as trending which could be done by the people of all customers but here the company of btc allows to use all money of customers in their own resource where they earn big profit with the help of all customers such as they are buying another company from that kind of money and it’s going to be invested in company but with the help of their customers they are getting big profit as the revenue of profit is totally good than their currency is climbing on highest currency of the world , Now a local person can but the btc in dollars with the same rate and that person have to leave it for a month either 2 -3 months than a person have 100% chances to earn big profit.

Because the rate of btc have chance to increase in a good level for a while , such as you will buy 500$ than it could be converted in 1k$ in just a month or in a day so you might have to check at they daily base as the currency is going down or having the profit , so you will chose it that where you have to buy either to sell but the way you will do in btc than it could be too much best that you will earn a lot with bit margin of your money so right now experts are talking about btc that it will be converted in 50k$ = 1btc so people have to decide a good thought to make it best for whole life as life will be good for those who will pay some good amount to have good life.