3 Types Of Financial Fraud In Business

Here are the most common frauds which can be known easily but it’s little bit tricky to maintain , who is willing to get the amazing knowledge than that person is eligible to maintain all records either a person can detect that which type of fraud is currently running in company !

Bribery and corruption

Bribery and corruption are the most common in fraud of business , mostly people do that type of methods which could be unknown as one the worst fraud is that a employee can change the currency rates to show all his company members that the currency has been decreased because of that we’re down , but the most corruption of business which is working at the daily basis , as employees are doing their work on sheets which is going to be down somehow it’s going to be in upper side so a person either employee will get the beneficial rate for his own profit which couldn’t be seen in business but it will come on that time when the employees will analyze the full record of his company and at the last result will come out !

Financial statement Fraud
It’s a way which could be seen in all daily base of statements , it could be frequently occurred in statements which is held down on the experience and it can lead more than 2million$ at a single statement of case it the result is up to average that fraud could be happened by a person who have a lot experience in all companies either that person can be expert in accounting that the result couldn’t come which can’t be seen by the owner or manger of company

Asset Miss appropriation

This type of activity is going on with the trusted customers or from the member staff who all are involved appropriat to have a fraud to get the profit and in this field their members can be together so there could be theft , guards , police office or the staff of company which will be lead by the third party of company to have a lost while doing bad asset appropriation , and the most important people can get the thoughts which could be the owner of company directors or employees

These three frauds are going to be held down in companies just because to have profit, these thing can be done very tricky including all staff members .